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We perform at all times in a manner that makes us accountable to both internal and external stakeholders. We take responsibility for our actions.

At Eastern Ocean Tankers we strive to create a working environment where accidents are unlikely to occur, and the health and safety of employees, contractors and the public are not jeopardized.

­­We ensure that our operations are environmentally responsible. The Company implements programmes designed to promote environmental sustainability.

We are focused on creating and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our stakeholders. Through proactive collaborations with stakeholders in the spirit of true partnership, we deliver premium value.

We are committed to working effectively as a team in order to deliver results far beyond individual capabilities.

HSE Policy (Health Safety and Environment) It is the Company’s Policy and indeed duty to promote and to protect Health and Safety at Sea, Prevention of Human Injury or loss of life, welfare of employees and avoidance of any adverse impact on the environment (marine or otherwise), including property. This policy is communicated to all persons working for and on behalf and under the control of the organization with the intent that they are made aware of their individual health and safety obligations.

Eastern Ocean Tankers try's to work with managers that act responsibly in providing training and guidance to personnel ashore and at sea on the following sources of pollution where applicable to their operating circumstances. Marine pollution (Oil, Chemicals and liquified gases in bulk, Dangerous goods in bulk and packaged form, Garbage, Sewage, Ballast water, Anti-fouling paints) and Atmospheric pollution (Exhaust emissions, Cargo vapour emissions, Ozone depleting substances, Noise) Preventing loss of human life and personal injury. Continuously improving Safety Management skills of personnel ashore and aboard ships, including preparing for emergencies related both to Safety & Environmental Protection.

Ensuring that seafarers’ work environment on board ships promotes occupational safety and health implementation Eastern Ocean Tankers consistently try to follow national and international rules and regulations governing the Marine Industry. Eastern Ocean Tankers takes into account applicable guidelines, standards, codes and publications which are issued by maritime organisations and are directed towards creating a safe and pollution free (zero spill) environment.

Eastern Ocean Tankers try's to ensure their vessels chartered in are managed by a company (or companies) that implements a Shipboard Occupational Health and Safety Program (SOHSP)and that continuously monitors all safety, pollution prevention and occupational health aspects of the managed fleet. Eastern Ocean Tankers frequently inspects the managed/chartered fleet and ensures managers and crew carries out necessary maintenance and repairs.

The company has carried out a generic Risk Assessment to its basic operations and practices and has established safeguards against identified risks and provides a framework for setting & reviewing environmental & other objectives and targets and should be made available to the public and company’s customers, vendors and suppliers.
The company makes every effort to ensure that is partners and service providers provide a safe and healthy workplace, consider working safely a condition of employment, provide necessary resources to implement the occupational health and safety program and protect the Health of seafarers and provides prompt access to Medical Care on board and ashore when needed.

Eastern Ocean Tankers chartering department has a solid and varied background with a main task to enhance long customer relations and secure contract of affreightment and/or lock in period or spot tankers under charter contracts based on the terms set out in the standard tanker charter parties. The company's policy is to act ethically and be a trustful, responsive and proactive partner in any project.
Our aim is to match service, expertise, voyage planning and load/discharge operations with the ideal vessel to each operation through internal and external resources. We integrate key disciplines and contracts such as:

  • Frame agreements
  • Mobilization support and positioning of vessels
  • Pre and post charter surveys/vetting/cargo surveys/inspections
  • Project management support
  • Asset and trade (ship and cargo) finance
Eastern Ocean Tankers works with selected panel brokers. These are listed under the "contacts" page of this internet site. Eastern Ocean Tankers always try to act ethically however the company cannot be held responsible for the actions of other independant shipowners, charterers, brokers, service providers and ancillary companies within the industry. The company tries to lead by example but cannot enforce its polices upon others.

Eastern Ocean Tankers continuously improves its management system by taking corrective & preventive action for identified problem areas. The company targets partnerships with shipowners that provide adequate resources to effectively implement this management system and that have developed and implement management systems which are Safety and Pollution Prevention oriented.

The Company aims towards:
Providing Safe Practices in ship Operation and a safe and healthy working environment.
Preventing damage to the ship, her cargo and the environment.
Assessing all identified risks to its ships, personnel and the environment, establishing safeguards against all identified risks and operating the ships within ALARP (“as low as reasonably practicable”) levels of risk.