Lube Oils & Greases

Our partnership with a physical trading company ensures that we have direct and immediate access to one of the more reliable companies in the distribution of high quality products for Marine, Ship Repair, Oil & Gas, Construction, Alternate Fuel (CNG) & Aluminium Smelters. We are focused on customer service and we have been able to introduce Innovative Adhesives & Sealants Solutions which not only solve our customer's business challenges but address specific industry needs.

Eastern Ocean Tankers Ltd are aware that equipment availability and performance are key factors in your production process and the quality ensured by our products will be an essential ally in your success.

Eastern Ocean Tankers Ltd distributes lubricants that are result of research and cooperation with major equipment manufacturers in the energy sector to guarantee high equipment performance now and in the future. Our partners offer a broad range of oils, greases and coolants cover all industrial applications in the energy sector.

For details of the brands available and for up to date pricing please contact our commercial department.